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Friday, April 2, 2010

Junk Yard Aristocrat VS The Blue Rose Maiden

Hi everyone *waves*

I'm doing this fashion workshop thingy! which has been going great lately i must say because i finally nailed the perfect sketch of my dress i want to make and found the right fabric (HaaazaaaaH! less stress for me). so the theme for my outfit which will be showcase at the mini fashion show Summer Goth or a White Goth so I named my sketch " Blue Rose Maiden", the dress will be all white with a blue roses as its trim and neck collar(So Help me!! I will pain these roses blue if I have to) and in the chest area with be a blue cross print, I am excited just talking about it yayz! we decided to call out little event Wreckage To Royalty(bad ass right?), so this Monday (Today) we do our photo for the Ad posters, the theme of this Shoot is Junk yard Royalty with a twist of mardi gras and Victorian elements to it ^_^! And yes i am something to do with that theme(hehehe more points for the Lolitas), My outfit is going to be this Ero Gothic Junk yard Aristocrat Prince, with over the top messy hair with Vientiane mask like makeup, but one of my eyes will be cover because were going do the make up as though that part of my face is covered in scabies! i know gross >.< but its fashion and that our theme and we're sticking to it ^_^

then the outfit part really hit me! because the concept i had in my head from head to toes was going to be a hassle, Why? because thinking Aristocrat boots like kamijo! the reality was my favorite J-rockers all get that stuff custom made T__T
Here's what I did to create this look as the time closes
When a girl needs thigh high Aristocrat boots, she improvises with these fetish boots And Waist Cincher From Your Local Fetish Shop!!(store owners are really Nice!and helpful how ever don't at the other Costumers in the eyes or whatever Direction they are In!Seriously! Weirdo and Perv is an understatement O_O)

Waist Clincher(corset)

So the Boots are Bloody Terrific(although my Camera is poo D:) and the Clincher is Amazing too

will also using these items i already have

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

As I will use for my Jabot tie! i will use a tarted torn white lace scarf! since we going be in a junk yard we're going to keep edgy thank you
as for my makeup i did 2 rough drafts for my look,so today at 4pm i will finalize what i want my face to actually look like! after the shoot i will post pic of the entire look here ^_^
that's all for now!

Stay dark an Elegant OXOXOX