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There’s always an ugly seduction on a scene of a broken doll,So why still pray to the angel of glass? And as crystals rip through our eyes, The clock strikes 12 revealing all our nightmares on every walls, Cut through the lace and you will find Nothing but a shattered porcelain butterflies

Friday, July 15, 2011


For this summer/fall, we of PRINCE NOIR DESIGNS (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prince-Noir/110065292414634)shall be designing a series of collections. Our first collection is titled “JUDAS the Horned Betrayer”. Our first inspiration behind our collection was a spark of curiosity of the whole idea and wondering of the betrayal of Jesus Christ.The spark of “why did Judas betray Jesus?”

There are only two reasons why a person would betray a most beloved friend on such a grand scale.
One being jealousy, the other being love.

This concept sparked interest to a certain extent; however, we never got inspired to pursue to do it until the release of Lady Gaga’s “Judas”. We were blown away by the song and music video and the passion for our collection ignited.

From this point, we decided to call it “JUDAS the Horned Betrayer”. We thought it would be interesting to use something that is naturally a concept used in couture fashion and apply it to Gothic and Lolita fashion instead.

We created a little story and six characters, which are what each of our outfits are based on in our collection.
The first character is Jesus
(The King of Gold and Light)
The second character is Mary Magdalene
(Judgment of the Harlot)
The third character is the Dark Disciple
The fourth character is the Nun
The fifth character is the Holy Fool
The sixth character is Judas himself
(The Horned Betrayer)

We are still debating on adding the seventh character, whom we named The Child of Stigmata. However, we are still unsure depending on the time frame we have. We plan on presenting “JUDAS the Horned Betrayer” collection at a fashion show that will be hosted in the Bay Area or Sacramento some time in August or September. Details have yet to be established by Laura L. Witzig, co-founder of the Synchro Group. Hopefully once they have chosen a date and location, we shall inform everyone when we will be debuting our fashion show.

Until then, stay dark and elegant.
Prince Noir

Saturday, June 4, 2011



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

100+ Friends on Facebook Contest REMINDER

The Competition Ends Tonight at Midnight!! Pacific Time. Last Minute Entries are accepted! Hurry Hurry Dark Lieblings~ ♥ Winner Receives a beautiful Headpiece!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

100+ Friends on Facebook Contest!!

100+ Friends on Facebook Contest!

We are about to reach 100 friends on Facebook! It has only been a couple days when we started but already we have surpassed our expectations and to Thank all of you Lovely Darklings we will be holding a Contest of all Contest of Rad-tastic and Epic Proportions.

For you see my Little Leiblings we Love you.

"Best in Black"

Show one picture of your BEST Coordinate. Lolita/Gothic outfits using only the colors:
Black, White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red.

Who so ever wins will receive a beautiful headdress to match the gorgeous ensemble presented to us.

The Rules go as such:
1. Only One photo is allowed, not a collection of photos in one picture.
2. Only use the colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red
3. One entry per person

Submitting the photo:
1. Email Prince_Noir@ymail.com
2. Include your Name, Email, Facebook and/or Livejournal name
(and if Neither then let us know)
3. Send the photo as an Attachment

Submit Your Photos from Now - June 1st

We will be announcing the winner on June 2nd

Good Luck my Dark Beauties

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Prince Syu and the House of Noir Presents : PRINCE NOIR DESIGNS
A collaboration Project Of Gothic Lolita, EGL, EGA, PunkLolita Designs

Hello Lovely Darklings,

Prince Syu and The House of Noir(me) Have been working diligently on this project for quite some time now (though feels like a century =_ =) and we humbly present you with results www.facebook.com/PrinceNoirDesigns

Photo and Designs by Prince Noir Designs, Model: Mary.

We will have a booth at Fanime in the Artist Alley(you can easily spot us by the surrounding our booth lol) Where we will be selling and Taking commissions, so for now we will start taking orders and commissions in person on the day of Fanime and after Fanime we will start taking commissions and orders on our Facebook page Officially.

On our Facebook Page(www.facebook.com/PrinceNoirDesigns or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prince-Noir/110065292414634) We have display of our Accessories and later to come Our Clothing Collection. In the not too distant future of August we will have a Fashion Show to premiere our Collection called JUDAS "the horned Betrayer"

Come to our Facebook page( http://www.facebook.com/PrinceNoirDesign
s) friend us and support us with comments and you will be updated on the progress of our work regularly.

Thank very much and stay Dark my Lovelies.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The past two days have been pretty Epic
First I went to san jose for a cuts and color hair photo shoot Which was with a very end photographer and hair stylist! The whole experience was worth that entire day!! Results came out very good!
here's are pics of my new awesome hair

Photo by JEREMY MONTEMAYOR (http://www.jeremymontemayor.com/)
Hair by
Jaymz Marez (Sophisto Salon)

He did an awesome job on my hair! I love it to bits

after that I was able to get my Tickets last night( only 12$) and Attend Emilie Autumn's Concert a place called "Bottom of the Hill"
that place looks like something from the 18th century! awesome place I tell Just awesome!
as for Emilie Autumn live!! SHE TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY, her vocals are like Breathing in beauty and her skills on the violin are enchantingly Magnificent! IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS
after worrying to to tears that i wouldn't make it on time or even be able to see a damn thing because I thought Going end end up all the way in the back but behold the awesomeness of friends! My pals were right in the front saving a spot for little ol' bizarre me the whole time (sigh of glee)

Here's the song that was performed (well the songs I remember lol)
  • Art of suicide
  • 4 o' Clock
  • Dominant
  • Lair
  • Opheliac
  • Mad Girl
  • I want my Innocence back
  • Thank God that I'm pretty
  • Bohemian Rhapsody

we played the rat game in between there somewhere with Veronica, she also gave us a lovely enticing fan dance, after that it was tea time and when I say tea time! I mean in Emilie Autumn sense which by have some decandent tea being sprayed at from the blessed mouths of the insane wenches on stage, along with some deliciously made crumpets,muffins and cupcakes hahaha after a while caption maggots ran out tea and decided to spray us with rum instead hahahaha. Emilie Autumn had 3 costume changes through out the concert which you will in the pictures

so without further adieu~
enjoy the pics my Stunning Darklings!

CAPTIAN MAGGOTS >:) my favorite!