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Friday, June 25, 2010

GOTHIC LOLITA 101: The Rant On Coordination In Gothic styles And Make-Up

lets spread the two sense shall we
For Gothic Lolita styles! the less prints you wear makes your outfit more Gothic!! when are people gonna learn this?
the basics you need in your wardrobes are Lace,velvets, chiffon(you can never have too much black chiffon in your closet) and satins, gets yourself good Gothic cross necklaces, rings,earrings or even broaches, a jabot tie can go a long way! it can do wonders for and outfit! never ever wear fingerless gloves unless your are done and painted black as the night, or blue or dark red or whatever rocks your boat
when you are starting out in the Gothic style! its best to just stick with blacks and whites!
and the secret to making black and white look good! is never wear 50% of each
here are example pictures
This picture right here a Classic Example of wear 50% white and 50% Black! that is a Huge No no for Goth in my point of view! and gives the outfit too much! way too much

What you want to do is wear 70% black or white and 30% black or white
like these

when you less of one color in your outfit the outfit Looks good and the white pops out more.
And of course we cannot forget MAKEUP!!! make changes everything at times it helps complete the look!! you could be in white but if you epic Gothic makeup on that whole look automatically becomes Goth, see the Gothic Lolita bible has given tips on how to do Gothic make up! i would like you to set those pages on fire please! because its just crappy old smoking eyes! and remember this is Goth were are talking about! the make should be a beauty born of the darkness! vampire-like, porcelain-like, baroque and romantically dark
so this!!! Ain't Gothic makeup!


ARE REAL GOTHIC MAKEUP SCHEMES! so Keep these in mine when dressing up in Gothic Lolita Styles!

Thanks you
Stay dark my friends!

XOXOXOXOXO and these concludes my rant for this day! next time will be about shoes