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There’s always an ugly seduction on a scene of a broken doll,So why still pray to the angel of glass? And as crystals rip through our eyes, The clock strikes 12 revealing all our nightmares on every walls, Cut through the lace and you will find Nothing but a shattered porcelain butterflies

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Morbid Wine

You scream in silence
And condemn me to a profane dream
You glorify my scars, and paint me in a blue symphony
On a learner’s feather you tell me homicide

Twinkles do these bats that flutter at my night eye
Lucid whispers hidden in the cracks of walls
Fragile waters that taste so vile on a beauty’s tongue
The black sun will grant showers on a crow’s wing

In the hands of a broken child lies the glow of a dark light
Yes my heart does know the burden of a heavy romance
Such streams of madness that plague my waking hours
In such this music you cannot make me an actor

Must I dwell in the arms of such a resolution?
While your halo drips it’s black sweat
Let this dark child drink his morbid wine
As this fragile lullaby helps you close your eyes tonight.

By Camille Tambe

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