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There’s always an ugly seduction on a scene of a broken doll,So why still pray to the angel of glass? And as crystals rip through our eyes, The clock strikes 12 revealing all our nightmares on every walls, Cut through the lace and you will find Nothing but a shattered porcelain butterflies

Thursday, March 18, 2010



Love plays all, but massacres but one humble heart

Derailed from conviction, she tinkers with deflections

Truth lingers in the presence of his double majesty

Though this sick muse withers her mind stands beyond firm

Under the daylight phoenix this shard pierces the middle of her eye

The pulse runs rampant, but her heart stays a silent rage

Biting down on the fragile waters that go whispering along the black hours

Sounds of pieces falling from time’s smile

In this I see love and cruelty are but a paradox beyond conviction

These broken pieces that she alone must sweep away

Though hatred dances with deflection, she kisses the illusion

And so embraces slowly rot away with broken smiles

Love will play all but massacre but one humble heart.

By Camille Tambe.

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