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There’s always an ugly seduction on a scene of a broken doll,So why still pray to the angel of glass? And as crystals rip through our eyes, The clock strikes 12 revealing all our nightmares on every walls, Cut through the lace and you will find Nothing but a shattered porcelain butterflies

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shalott is in the Well

There she goes running around in a white forest
Her feet pierced by the crystal grass
The glass thorns ripping her dress
But she’s alive more than anything

Midnight is coming for Shalott
So she places a steel crown on her head
As she sings to the cold trees
She hides herself in the well

Don’t let father find me
Even though the water is rising
Oh I know midnight will drown here
Shall I make noose out of my ribbons?

Deeper and deeper she falls into the hole
As the moon cast its shadow on the lake
This will be first the moon told a lie
See the mad hatter gasp and the rabbit laugh

The queen of hearts is waiting patiently
Shalott bites down and midnight hears bleed
Sorry little red but midnights found you!
So what are you going to do?

Water! Water! Rise now!
Guide her to the bed of sea
Where Shalott will dream forever
As starlight kisses the night

And the moon cast its shadow upon the lake
Look to midnight and drop a rose in the hole
Tell the queen her crown is still not gold
And remember little red still slumbers in the well

By Camille Tambe

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  1. I cannot believe no one has commented on your beautiful poem. I love love love it! Especially the metaphors and the language...! It's not often that I find someone whose poetry seems to say the same things that I try to say in my own songs (songwriting has been a hobby of mine for several years), so it's really amazing when I do find people that speak the same "poetic language," if you know what I mean. :)
    I suppose I may as well introduce myself, right? lol I'm a very new goth loli as well as a (markedly less new) Romantigoth, and I discovered your blog through EGL on LJ. I was very happy to find a fellow GOTH loli with a blog; while I love reading the blogs of sweet and classic lolis, sometimes i miss the gothic side, you know? Actually, I plan to start my own gothic and lolita blog on here (The Midnight Ballroom--lol me and my poetic titles for things), but I until I have time, I shall content myself with reading your writings!